Prioritize a Clean, Comfortable Space

Ask about our laundry, floor care and air purifier systems in Vineland, Moorestown, NJ or the surrounding area

The world may be full of harmful pathogens, but your home doesn't have to be. Aerus offers laundry, floor care and air purifier systems in Vineland, Moorestown, NJ and surrounding areas. 

Did you know that allergens can linger inside your home? In fact, your home may have more airborne allergens than your backyard. Clean up your indoor air with help from Aerus. We offer top-tier air purification systems and some of the best vacuums available.

Say goodbye to airborne allergens

The air quality inside your home should be the best it can be. You can depend on us to...

  • Clean soft and hard surfaces in your home. This surface treatment option is great for getting rid of built-up dirt and allergens in your carpets, furniture and fixtures.
  • Filter the air that comes into your house. Our air purifiers are designed to remove pollutants and allergens from the air to help you breathe easier.
  • Provide you with a top-quality vacuum cleaner. Your household cleaning tools are an important part of your day-to-day air quality. You can depend on us for the best vacuums available.
  • Supply you with a detergent-free laundry option. We can install a cold water laundry system that works without the use of chemical-based detergents or products.

  • Make your home a cleaner place to live. Contact us today to set up your air purification system installation.

    Backed by years of experience

    Aerus products stand out from the crowd for many reasons. Established as Electrolux in 1924, we gained fame for our highly effective vacuum cleaners. Now, under a new name, we've expanded to offer a huge range of cleaning and comfort products. You can count on us for floor care, laundry and air purification solutions.

    Order cleaning & indoor air quality solutions in Vineland, Moorestown, NJ or the surrounding area today. We're happy to help you improve your health and happiness through our products.